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A Young Person's Guide To Time Travel I Meant To Break Your Will, Never Your Heart Come On, Ghost. Occupy Dreamland Terraform Mars Autumn moonlight - a worm digs silently into the chestnut. Domestic Ghosts BEASTS They Want To Make Your Body Move.  I Want To Hold You Perfectly Still. HospitalSongs

Remix Albums:

Mars In Sunset Body Movements


@@IDENTITY @@VERSION @@ERROR @@TRANCOUNT My Time As A Rat - Szczur Archive (2001-2004)

Other Projects:

Scission - Click Scission - Live at Funktion Scission - Stations Scission - [ ' S I - Z H & N ] Scission - EightVesicant - Found In Dirt Vesicant - MUTEMIX Vesicant - Paperstays Szczur - We Tried To Reach You Szczur - Prelude to a Fire EP Meatmarket - 3. Capacity


Poverty Electronics Vol.2 Disquiet Junto Project 0142: Call Center A Matter of Time Disquiet Junto Project 0111: Acts of Commons A Matter of Time A Matter of Time A Matter of Time A Matter of Time Two Screws Ice for 2013 Disquiet Junto Project 0052:bumpcc Endless Commons Disquiet Junto Project 0083: R#d#ct#d Give Me A Sine Far Far Away Disquiet Junto Project 0062: Life of Sine Disquiet Junto Project 0050: -…….–.-..-…- Disquiet Junto Project 0048: Fraternité, Dérivé Disquiet Junto Project 0059: Vowel Choral Drone SIGNALVOID [nx2012-08] CC Electronic Experimental Music Compilation, August 2012 In Tongues Se7en Seconds in Hea7en [nx2013-07] CC July Experimental Electronic Music Compilation No Fresh Cut Flowers: An Afterlife Anthology [nx2013-05] CC May Experimental Electronic Music Compilation I PREFER THE TERM ARTIFICIAL PERSON MYSELF: A Compilation of Machine​-​Made Audio A Matter of Time

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